Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bulldogs -- that don't bite

Another favourite Inkwell in the collection is this American double well.  It is in the style commonly referred to as Snail inks, where the glass well can be rotated open in the metal stand to reveal the ink, and then rotated closed to seal it and keep the ink from evaporating.

As you can see, the glass part does resemble a 'snail'.  These are found in single, double and triple wells for various ink colours.

Our American Inkwell has the two glass 'snails' represented in white (milkglass), in the form of two Bull Dog Heads,  One for blue ink, one for red ink, on a metal frame with provision for a penrest.


  1. Wow, never seen anything like these before!
    Fascinating and beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. They're so very beautiful, I can see why ;)

  3. wow, your collection looks awesome! it's really special... i have a collection of guitar picks from all over the world. collecting makes me feel very proud :D

  4. Fascinating collectables the bulldogs.

  5. Do you know anything about the history of these? My dad found the bulldogs in his closet and does not remember when or where he got them. Any idea of value?