Friday, February 22, 2013

Ink Advertising Stamps / Poster Stamps / Cinderellas

It has been a very long time since I blogged about my Inkwell Collection or my Ink Advertising Ephemera Collection.   Not that I have stopped collecting (although I have cut back considerably, mainly due to the move to a smaller unit, and hubby Vic not being in the best of health).  However, inkwells and ink advertising are still firm favourites, and when I read about another blogger [ A Treasured Past] who was interested in Cinderella Stamps, I promised to open up my albums and get to work scanning some of the wonderful items I have purchased over the last 25years or so.
The majority of my advertising stamps are from 1900 - 1920s and are from Europe, mainly Germany.

 Augustus Leonhardi was an Ink Manufacturer in Dresden, who issued many different Advertising stamps and postcards.

Reinhardt Tetzer of Berlin produced Ink, Typewriter Ribbons and Sealing Wax. There is a large series of German Castles in this series, unfortunately I only have three.
Just as Turm in Nurnberg produced Ink, Gum, and Stamp pads.
Bruns & Struth in Leipzig had a series of children spilling their ink !
Two of the above are from Office Supply Exhibitions (obviously pre Officeworks shops!!). The two stamps with a seated man are from Roedl in Prague. The text was translated by a friend, and apparently says  By today's standard, while culture springs so high, be it a merchant a bard or a novelist, everyone writes using Roedl's ink
So there you have it, the first couple of pages from my Ink Advertising Album.
Hope you enjoy them.

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