Monday, December 20, 2010

Carter's Ink U.S.A.

The Carter's Ink Company of America had their Main factory and executive offices in Cambridge, near Boston Mass.  They were very proud of their modern ink manufacturing processes, producing many speciality inks, as well as everyday writing ink, liquid paste and even an ink removal liquid, with the logo of 'Inky Racer' the ink blot who was always running away!.
The earliest advertising I have for Carters dates to 1900 but they were a well established company by that time.
Here I will share some of my more interesting Carter's Ink advertising on blotters

 'This blotter shows a box of Ink Eraser with their famous 'Inky Racer'

and this is a colour brochure for their new Cathedral Shaped Ink Bottles.


  1. Finally came across your comment about Nikki!!
    Sorry I took so long :p
    Lovely to know another Melb girl like Nikki and myself that is op shop obsessed (lol)
    I will keep in touch :)
    Irene x

  2. The Inky Racer mascot was not "an ink blot". He was a stereotypical racist caricature of an African-American boy. These kinds of images were common in that era.