Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wagner's CHIN CHIN and PELICAN Drawing Inks

I just love this 4 page brochure for Guenther Wagners of London advertising their Waterproof Drawing Inks.  Indispensable for Black and White Artists, Architects, Engineers, Draughtsmen, Schools etc.
Just look at the Chinaman on the bamboo ladder adding the finishing touches to the 'Poster'

This leaflet is not dated, but would be from the 1920s. It is very large, over A4 size, and has unfortunately been folded and has a lot of tiny edge tears.

 Just another reason why I find collecting Ink Advertising very appealing.

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  1. Hey,
    we have a collection of the ink bottles (with ink) same as shown in the poster and not sure the value, just wondering if you could help? Cheers james