Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ink Advertising

European Ink Manufacturers were very prolific in the use of 'Poster Stamps' (stickers, often called Cinderellas in the stamp trade), to advertise their brands of ink.
I have a large collection of these Poster Stamps, and will add a few photos here over the next day or two.  Most of these have been purchased from Europe, as not many Australian Stamp Dealers have a stock of these types of advertising stamps.


  1. Hi Lyndel,
    I just typed a comment, but it looks like it didn't work, so I'll try again. Just want to thank you for your compliments on my blog; it is always nice to know that other people enjoy reading one's own blogs! I am fascinated with yours; one of my hobbies is calligraphy, so I found everything on your blog of great interest. I didn't know about those stamps!
    Your profile says you are in the eastern suburbs. I'm in Eltham - anywhere near you?

  2. Burwood is very familiar to me. My husband's family lived in Aisbett Avenue (off Toorak Road) for 50 years. The house was sold just a few months ago. The only opshop I know over that way is the RSPCA opshop(s) - great stuff in there!